> State-Regions agreement on Covenant health

The confirmation comes from the deputy minister to the Economy, Giuseppe Vegas  The amendment to the package containing the Covenant of the Health is therefore in arrival to Montecitorio, where it is strongly expected becauseé it depends, indirectly, the coverage of other measures submitted by the Government, and still stuck in the Budget Commission.

“The approval of the Pact for Health – said the minister for regional Affairs with a Raffaele Fitto, leaving the State-Regions Conference – is the result of a very intense work”, which has been trying to find the square between the different needs. 

We averaged a lot of points – ensures – on some we have found a compromise”. On the ‘node’ of the pharmaceutical industry, one of the più controversial in the confrontation between the Government and the Regions, every doubt, “verrà clarified – ensures the Dense – table, technical affronterà the issue rapidly”.

And on the questions in the question advanced by the Regions, which hoped for an extension of the discount on the pharmaceutical industry, from the value of 800 million euros, which at the moment have not received, “the resources – ensures Dense – there are: there is no problem in this sense”.

Page published on 03 December 2009

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