> Party in Milan for the 25 years of Lilt

The ceremony is provided for the intervention of the mayor milanese Letizia Moratti, the president of the Council of the municipal Manfredi Palmeri, the councillor for Family, school and social policies Mariolina Moioli, and Antonio Colombo, president of the Fondazione Irccs Istituto nazionale tumori (Int) of milan. 

a quarter of a century and more, the volunteers assist in various activitiesà of the association, emphasises the Lilt of a note – and this is a chance to be totally dedicated to them, to thank them, and reward them for the commitment and assiduità proven to be on a daily basis.

From here the Day of the volunteer, “a special event aimed precisely at those who normally acts with discretion, and now becomes the true protagonist”. During the evening the volunteers will be rewarded by Gianni Ravasi, president of the provincial Section of Milan of the Lilt.

Will be presented the Award testimonial to the masters Salvatore Accardo and Fabio Vacchi, and won the Award for ‘A special friend’ at Ikea, Rcs quotidiani and the lady Giovanna Giandonati.  Celebrates 25 years the training School of volunteering in the oncology of Lilt, highlights the non-profit organization. Founded in 1984, “was an event in advance of the times, by introducing the concept of training, of preparation, of organisation, even in the context of volunteering, and developing a training model adopted later by many organizations.”

the Page was published on December 16, 2009

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