> Virgil, on the bioassay, we will be in harmony

The speaker of the ddl on the bioassay at Montecitorio, Domenico Di Virgilio, it shows you optimistic on the way of the measure to the Chamber of Deputies, and on the possibilityà to mend the divisions on the text that had emerged among the ranks of the Pdl, starting from the doubts expressed by the president of the Chamber Gianfranco Fini, and of men to he più nearby.

Pressed by reporters at the sidelines of the conference on the capitoline by the title ‘living wills: lies and truthà’, Virgil is confident on the consent that could raise its proposed changes to the ddl. “Without the sin of presumption to me seem to be amendments or improvements – he says – and that can be considered transversal to the different alignments”.

In particular, the rapporteur of the text stresses the amendment “in which dà the possibilityà to suspend hydration and artificial feeding as they have no more reason to exist”, that is, when the doctor, “in the conditions of our knowledge and belief, ascertain the state of the terminal for the patient. A proposal for amendment, however, does not change the position of the majority on the cases, such as Eluana Englaro. “With this law, – the precise Virgil – the girl would not have died. His, indeed, was a case of disabilità severe, and this can notò become a discriminating factor for deciding if a life is going or not lived.”

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Page published on 14 December 2009

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