> Fnomceo, the cameras in PS and on ambulances

At present it is the secretary of the national Federation of the Orders of doctors (Fnomceo), Gabriele Peppers, who is also the president of the Order of doctors of Naples. “A cityà – explains to ADNKRONOS SALUTE – where the attack to the doctors and nurses of the emergency room are daily.

Especially on the part of relatives and carers of the patient.” Unfortunately, these episodes are recorded in all of Italy, not only in Naples.  “What of the attacks on health care workers,” explains Peppers – is a national problem.

although I believe that in the Center-South is more accentuated. They are serious risks, especially in the emergency rooms, which are the door of access to natural on the part of the citizen in need of care.

that’s whyé I believe that to install the tools of video surveillance at the entrance of such premises, perhaps using funds under article 20 for the health-care sector can be a good solution.  A useful tool to ward off at least the fools.

Così as I believe it is a good idea to place a small camera on the outside of the back door of the ambulance. In order to have a picture of the più clear the scenario, the first to open the half and go down with the stretcher”.

“Any project that aims to ensure more security to the health workers is well accepted, – said the president of the Fnomceo, Amedeo Bianco – Install cameras should be well, therefore, provided to protect the privacy of the citizens”, he specifies.

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Page published on 02 December 2009