> Cgil medici, to formalize the extension for the online certificate

ask for It Mussel, national secretary of Fp Cgil medici, and Nicola Preiti, coordinator of the national Fp Cgil medici medicine general.

“Tomorrow (today, ed) 15 December, as in the first time was stated by the minister Brunetta and published since 9 November on the website of the ministry of Public administration – remember – would have to be operating the new system for the transmission of medical certificates to Inps for the field of public employment.

The minister, with the new ads, would have toò postponed of a few months the system. A wise decision, we request that you be immediately formalised with an explanatory circular, to not feed the confusion that is being created between the doctors and in public administrations,” it said in a note.

“The certificate of the disease online – explain the two trade unionists – is an objective that we share, for the protection of the workers, but to activate with a realistic path that is shared and not with ads, threats, or punishments. Let’s stop with the propaganda and work effectively, by providing an extension for the time necessary.

The doctors are deprived of the necessary instrumentation and training, but at the risk of losing the job for repeated non-compliance of the obligations of electronic transmission of the certificate.

The minister changes his decree and modified, for the issue of the certificate, the obligation of acquisition of the doctor of clinical data directly observed and objectively documented, under penalty of the loss of work and the removal from the register, fines and jail.

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Increase the tests and the improper, to the detriment of the sanità the public and workers, without, however, being able to obiettivare alcunché in various diseases, from headaches to colic”.

Page published on 14 December 2009