> Agreement on the allocation of regional funds 2010

with The criteria laid down by the governors and councilors, after an intense tour de force that lasted two full days, will also apply for 2011 and 2012, and therefore for the entire three-year period covered by the Covenant Health.

The document, after the agreement in principle was reached on the 23rd of October, got the go-ahead of the final Government and the Regions last week.  Now comes the agreement on the allotment, which sets out the resources to deploy for each individual Region. the

“After an intense workload and many difficultiesà overcome, the Conference of the Regions with a great sense of responsibilityà has reached agreement on the allocation of the national health fund, 2010,” said Vasco Errani, the president of the assembly of governors, at the end of the Conference of the Regions. 

“This division  yet another demonstration of the institutional sense of the Regions and of their willà to continue to provide the citizens of health services, more and moreù appropriate and qualityà,” added Errani.

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Page published on 13 December 2009

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