> By the Fnomceo an information campaign on the H1N1

To put it in place, the national Federation of the Orders of doctors and dentists (Fnomceo), which has presented yesterday in Rome at the presence of the minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio

low adherence to the vaccination campaign, at least in the first phase of the pandemic: has been this, according to experts, the main critical point in the health policy, with which you è dealt with the pandemic influenza A. And, among those ‘at risk’ who were not vaccinated, many were the doctors. 

“The accession to the first phases of the vaccination campaign, as prescribed by the related ministerial orders, has been low – admits the president of the Fnomceo, Amedeo White – also becauseé, the first evaluations, the information that it has had the più è was that on the questions and on the assumptions, the result of a superficial knowledge of the pandemic and the tools to deal with it”.

In response to the needà of this ‘lack of training’, the Fnomceo proposes a project of information and education “that will be credited to the più soon by the national commission for Ecm, and within two months, we hope to be operational,” explains White.

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Page published on 22 December 2009

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