> Cimo, the renewal of the contract up

To declare it is the national president of Cimo-Asmd Riccardo Cassi after the meeting yesterday with the leaders of Aran, for the renewal of the contract of the white coats executives, relating to the second financial two-year period 2008-2009.

“The economic proposal of the Aran that are assigned to the accessory 35% of the increase in stresses in a note Cassi – has frozen the expectations of a rapid conclusion of the negotiation.

The technical committee on sanctions will gatherà on the 13th of January to see if there’s the willà to give a response to the requests of the doctors, but the last meeting recorded steps back, even in this aspect of the contract”.

According to the president of Cimo, “is an unacceptable attempt to apply the same rules of the other leaders of the public ignoring the fact that Parliament has recognized the specificà of the category and excluding it from the obligation to earmark 30% of the salary.

I would Not, he adds, that the commissioner of Aran and the approach of regional elections have changed the intentions of the public part. The trade union leaders, despite the inconvenience and the delays in transport due to bad weather, they have done everything possible to be present at what seemed to be a meeting decisive. Symptomatic, instead, the absence of the entire technical component.

maybe Someone knew that you would come to nothing. Now – ends Cassi – all that remains is to wait for the resumption of negotiations.”

Page published on 22 December 2009

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