> Aran commissariata for incompatibilità charges

The minister for Public Administration and Innovation, Renato Brunetta has sent Friday afternoon, a letter to the president of the Conference of the Regions Vasco Errani, the president of the Anci Sergio Chiamparino and the president of Upi, Fabio Melilli in which motivates the reasons of the annex to the decree by a commissioner of Aran.  

the Brunette writes that “the designations of the members of the board of Aran made, respectively by Anci, Upi and the Conference of the Regions, in particular, have determined the needà to obtain the opinion of the Council of State for the purposes of the observance of the rules of law relating to the incompatibilità laid down in paragraph 7a of article 46 of legislative decree no. 165.

The latter provides, in fact, that may not be part of the bodies of the Aran people who hold public office or elective or positions in political parties or that they serve or have served in the five years prior to appointment positions in trade unions”.

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the published Page 20 December 2009

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