> In Rome 70° congress of the SIC

In Italy, in short, the disorders to the heart and arteries remain firm at the first place among the causes of death, given that they are due to these problems, nearly 374 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants.  To make the point about the latest novità scientific, you è opened on Saturday in Rome the 70th congress of the Società italiana di cardiologia (Sic).

According to Paul Marino, president of the Sic, in Italy there is “a worrying situation and in growth, we see it every day in the ward, especially in the women’s department. Go to the gym and do a diet that lasts the space of a morning. 

The only concern is the line, certainly not the heart. the Smoke, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes are a problem, think of the elderly. Men are not less than: five a side football, maybe without training, jogging in the park. It’s all here. The young people then that, by definition, are not prevention. On the contrary – feel – seem to commit yourself to lead lifestyles ‘hazardous'”. 

the Other issue, that of the drugs post-infarction: Raphael Bugiardini, coordinator of the congress, “there are therapies that are valid with life-saving drugs, but that slow to be used in Italy in the clinical practice.  Not è a matter of economy, becauseé the expenditure for these life-saving is low.

citizens must be informed that, despite the national health Service spends about 10% of Gdp for the sanità, they do not always receive the care that scientific evidence would have suggested”.

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Page published on 13 December 2009