> Anaao assomed, novità on the certificates inconvenient for the doctors

this is confirmed by the trade union of the hospital doctors anaao assomed Assomed, which agrees with the position già expressed by the Federation of the Orders of doctors (Fnomceo) on this topic. the

The obligation of the “data objectively documented”, explains in a note the trade union makes necessary the use of tools and diagnostic procedures that will lead to a serious burden for the health service.” 

The association of statutory auditors also disputes “the disproportionate and grotesque sanctions regime, that equates the false medical certification of the offences of greater pericolosità social, behaving in addition to the dismissal and removal from the register severe prison sentences, make certification an expensive commitment that is removed from the care of the patients.” 

“These rules – continues the note – have been created in the Public Function only for public employees, while not to case do not apply in private companies, clearly aware of the burdens that the checks and monitoring visits entail. 

In the face of a commitment to the propagandistic efforts of a frenzied media campaign against the sick leave to use inadequate tools, often unenforceable, and costly fall on the collettività and on the functionalityà of the services. If there is a logic in all of this, you può summed up in the principle ‘hit the hundred for educarne one'”.

Cgil medici, to formalize the extension for the online certificate

Page published on 13 December 2009