> Fnomceo proporrà going to relaunch vaccination

as we know, these are the hot topics that will be addressed tomorrow in Rome at a meeting sponsored by the national Federation of the Orders of doctors (Fnomceo) and which would have insured his presence, the minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio

there is a list of topics that the doctors believe to be of fundamental importance to re-launch and manage the activitiesà of contrast to the pandemic.

And the Fnomceo in these last days he has worked, together with the trade associations, società scientific and at the same minister, in a guideline document that aims to promote the continuation of the vaccination anti-H1N1 vaccine for all categories of ‘target’ identified by the ministry of Health. 

The draft is ready, if ne discuterà Tuesdaysì with Fazio during the meeting fixed for 11.

But the still point on which the Fnomceo insists, is the needà to provide for a program of training for the category, from managers up to the general medicine doctors, pediatricians of free choice and, in particular, the doctors vaccinators. The courses should be organized in a timely manner and may leave già in January. 

another aspect that will defineà the line of action concerns the criticità the organizational ‘system anti-H1N1’.

The Fnomceo insists that they provide unique information on vaccine safety and side effects, on pharmacovigilance and on the vaccination campaign in pediatrics and general medicine.

the published Page 20 December 2009

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