> Anaao assomed, serves a solution for the età retirement

To invoke her is anaao Assomed, the main trade union of the medical managers of the Ssn, which asks the Government and Parliament to listen to the doctors to get to a final solution and shared to regulate the delicate issue of età retirement of the category. 

“In the last times – he complains in a note on the anaao assomed – we assist in raids mps often contradictory, più careful to satisfy special interests to try to solve the knots of the question. As evidenced by the absolute lack of a comparison with the interested parties, first of all, the Regions and the unions of the category”. 

For the anaao assomed, emblematic is the story of the so-called ‘destruction’, the measure which provides for the retirement of the compulsory of the white coats to the achievement of 40 years of contributions. “Today – explains the anaao assomed, while recognizing from più parts the error of having wished to extend to the leadership of the Nhs standard, designed for public use, you è still far from the solution. the

in Fact, another provision that raises the age of retirement to 70 years, the content in the Ddl on the strenuous work in the examination Room, does not erase the discrimination produced by the destruction, in spite of the declarations of the lawmakers. 

The anaao assomed asks that the text is amended from the Bedroom “in a way that is clear and definitive, to put the word end to a measure of punitive damages to the doctors of the Ssn. Moreover – concludes the anaao assomed – the elevation to 70 years of age; retirement in the absence of legislative action, could lead to yet another privilege for the few, destined to further fostering the insecurity doctor.”

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the Page was published on January 15, 2010