> Fnomceo: we are the doctors of all

this Must be it, otherwise you create a short circuit that put at risk the lives of the people and not do honour to the great values on which is based the profession.”

To say it is the president of the Federation of the Orders of doctors (Fnomceo) Amedeo White commenting on the story of the woman of moroccan origin, who died at Mantua, and the point that is overlooked by the daughter of 5 years, which was not addressed to the doctor for fear of losing the job.

The story of the woman who continued to work despite illness of the accused, even if you do not know the reasons for which he has waived to be cured, “we must reflect on the needà – explain the White to the ADNKRONOS HEALTH – to ensure that the physicians and health-care facilities have a role the tax or even repressive.

We have always seen the spread of such ideas as a threat becauseé can lead to avoid the treatment with a risk to both the health of the individual collective.” We must avoid, then, all those rules and regulations that they would like to do the doctor a bureaucrat under the aspect of tax and repressive.

And also serves a proper communication on what should be the role of the doctor,” adds White. Communication that probably worked for with regard to the non-obbligatorietà of complaint on the part of the health of the crime of clandestinità.

“you are Not registered, in fact, declines requests to doctors and emergency rooms by irregular,” says White, but the story of Mantua puts the emphasis on the needà be aware of issues that could undermine confidence in the health system and its representatives.

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“it is appalling that in a civilised Country like ours, in 2010 there are still people who do not turn to a doctor or to a health facility for fear. If così è, we have many steps ahead in terms of civilizationà, to do. It is inconceivable,” concludes White.

the Page was published on January 11, 2010