> Fp Cgil, no a law, to retire at 70 years

 “it is a law unjust – underlines a note from the national secretary of Fp Cgil medici, the Maximum Mussel – which will allowà to remain in service in the first place to those who have the responsibilityà senior management, precluding the possibilityà of career, tens of thousands of leaders medical professional.

Even moreù hateful &is for the over 10 thousand doctors in a precarious which will depart more and moreù any legitimate hope of stabilisation”. A rule that does not like to, così as that on the so-called ‘scrap’ arbitrary on the part of the companies vis-à-vis white coats, without the positions of the complex structure and with 40 years of contributions, including redemptions.

“on the one hand To explain Mussel – the physician may advance the instance to remain in service for up to 70 years, but without the assignment of a complex structure, the company may use the current version of standard on the scrapping.  A real mess legal. Our proposal is simple: eliminate the retirement to 70 years, to abrogate a clear destruction to all, and let’s instead decide to doctors – and not companies or businesses, as is currently the case – the possibilityà to extend the activitiesà of two years, at the age of 65 years of age. We therefore ask the european Parliament, concludes Mussel – to change the norm and to the Government not to put the trust on the provision, in the interests of professionalismà of the tens of thousands of doctors”.

the Page was published on January 11, 2010

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