> At the start of the negotiations for the new convention

“good news,” according to Mussel, the national secretary of the Fpc, Cgil Medici, and Nicola Preiti, national coordinator Fp-Cgil doctors-general medicine, asking forò a “real willingnessà of a renewal of the fast”.

which means “to recognize at the national level of arrears in 2008 and 2009, to the same extent recognized by the leadership”. For the two trade unionists, in fact, the problems are considerable.

“The industry committee – recall – is due, since regional elections are coming and the challenges posed in the Act of address, starting from the new organizational structure of the general medicine would require a long and complex negotiation at national level and a further definition through regional agreements. You think that the last renovation took two years to write six articles, and that their negotiations of the regional, almost all of which are still to be started.

A true reorganization of the sector, the wonder years, and finally it seems that everyone (even the Act of address) believe it to be essential. You are likely toò to introduce modifications that change the structure of the general medicine, but so uncoordinated and without an overall logic”.

“not To speak of the resources halved: instead of 3.2% più 0.8 per cent, as is the case for the management, the increase is basically of 2%. In fact, 0.8% non c’è track and at 3.2% is subtracted from the 1.2% that is returned to the regional agreements.

Cioè, having regard to the rhythm, to the future generations. And as if this were not enough, the computerization with all activities; communication and information flows, with the charges and the activitiesà connected, are places tout court on the shoulders of the doctors, with the cleaver of the unfair sanctions of the Brunette.  And the Act specifies ‘without recourse to any additional resources’. In short, it confuses the organization, you add the tasks, functions, obligations, and remove the money.”

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For the Cgil medici all this is not in the foot. “We ask the Regions they conclude, Mussel and Preiti – to take a clear direction without pretense: if you want to renew agreements before the elections they only need to recognize at the national level of arrears in 2008 and 2009, to the same extent recognized by the leadership (3,2% + 0,8%)”.

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