> Arteriopathy obliterans, a warning from Pandora

A percentage of cases that would identify the diagnosis, not feeling the slightest danger, however, when a patient with Pad presents the same level of risk of a post-micrornas promote.

Are the results of the study Pandora, an international research conducted in six european countries (Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece and France) that has seen our Country the protagonist, thanks to the commitment of the Fimmg/Metis, able to involve about 300 general practitioners throughout the national territory.

the Aim of the research, presented yesterday in Rome, was to evaluate the prevalence of the Aop in patients with cardiovascular risk is moderate, with no diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, né diabetes.

In Italy, è been enlisted in the most number of patients: 5.290 subjects (49,97% of the total) to which è been detected (Abi pressure index ankle/arm).

“The Study revealed that almost 18% of the european population with suffer from Aop. A percentage that rises unfortunately, 22% in Italy,” underlines Donatella Alesso, head of training division Fimmg/Metis.

“If a person, who, according to other identification parameters of risk, for example, the levels of cholesterol, would be a candidate to a simple, preventive dietary and behavioral, has an Aop, even asymptomatic, the risk of being affected by a cardiovascular event also deadly is even equal to that of someone who has suffered a myocardial infarction, and therefore must be treated in a way that più aggressive”.

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Page published on January 28, 2010

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