> Fazio convenes the trade unions for the January 20,

To report it to the ADNKRONOS HEALTH is the national secretary of the anaao assomed Assomed, Carlo Lusenti, which states: “with This meeting I’ll take it as a gesture of courtesy to institutional to the neoministro.

do Not connect directly to the ‘dispute health’ in defence of the Nhs and to the national mobilization of the white coats that andrà staged on the 19th of January, 24 hours before the meeting with Fazio”. “It’s tradition,” explains Lusenti – that at the time of the settlement of the new minister’s meetings with the trade unions. That’s whyé I consider this meeting a gracefully institutional.  Surely appreciated”.

in A gesture that at the time does not change the protest initiatives promoted by the trade unions of medical managers, anaao assomed in the head, and già scheduled. It begins on January 19 with a day of national mobilization, that to openà the ‘dispute health’.

Wednesdayì next are provided for assemblies of medical, veterinary, and other leaders of the Ssn in the workplace. Then two events of regional, in Naples on 4 February and in Milan on the 16th to focus attention on the problems of the Centre-South and North, and a national demonstration in Rome on the 9th of march.  Up to a possible strike in march, in the lack of responses from Institutions, with the white coats in the square.

“The dispute – says Lusenti – è characterized by the issues settled, such as the funding of the Nhs and the clinical risk. Themes – adds the number one (- to be addressed in a systematic way.

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The goal of the lawsuit is to solicit and attract the attention of the institutions vis-à-vis the themes of health, a topic that is decisive for the qualityà the civil of a Country. Themes often dealt with in episodic and that should find more space in the political agenda. In short, ” concludes Lusenti – the protection of the health of citizens in need of greater attention and more solutions.”

the Page was published on January 12, 2010