> Cimo, flexible contracts, and adaptable to women

ask è the Cimo-Asmd, which he organized in Rome yesterday at the II Conference ‘Women doctor in the sanità, public’.

In sanità, the contracts are set to ‘male’, “with the organization of the work of the whole cast towards the possibilityà to devote himself exclusively to this, and to career, taking advantage of social occasions, fun, extra hours of service”, stresses Itala Shorts for coordinating national women’s Top.

Also becauseé this year, c’è was the passing among specialists: “women are now 63%,” goes the Courts.

“Today, there are numerous pediatre, obstetricians, oculiste – says – Più rare the surgeons, becauseé this discipline is not dà hours, and, therefore, the few head in private to be able to schedule the work.”

The Short is convinced that the specificà female may enrich the national health Service, “provided to take really account.

perché women’s doctor seem to be better able to react to burnout, perhaps becauseé live work in a way that is less exclusive”.

“Besides,” the echoes Riccardo Cassi, the national president of Cimo – in view of the growing presence of women, in the future these will be the relative roles so far male”.

But the sanità italiana and the contracts are still ‘the measure of a man’. The union wants to “manage the change, also through the inclusion in the contract of reward systems”.

that’s whyé Cimo – which has doubled the number of women in the new board – asks for the ‘gowns pink’ “not contracts of series B – as pointed out by the Courts – but the più flexibilityà, opportunities for part-time and chanceà of telemedicine, not to coerce women to give up career for her children.”

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the Page was published on the 27th January 2010