> Guzzanti, Lazio Region difficult

Guzzanti is a reminder of the presence of the five university hospitals in the Lazio region, which provide 22% of all bachelor’s degree courses in Italy. And the presence of 8-Irccs, institutions of national importance.

Unfortunately, the situation of the sanità lazio è historic, è così from the end of the Nineteenth century, the policy of rationalisation must therefore be pursued”.

According to the commissioner, “the share capital of the funds allocated to the sanità è was deployed with the criteria absolutely not equal between Regions, in this way – he concludes – it is easy to accumulate debts”.

in the Commission è was also heard Esterino Montino, vice-president of the Lazio Region, who said:
“there is a closed attitude on the part of the Government that has led us to be creditors of € 4 billion. In this way, you will not want to understand that we are simply giving away to the banks, we and the Asl, advances related to missed transfers.

The result is that we are putting in knee the Joint”. Montino also emphasizes how recently, the Lazio Region had asked the Cash deposits and loans to receive a sum of about 600 million euros. This move – ends – è was forò blocked by the ministry of the Economy“.

the Page was published on the 27th January 2010

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