> H1N1: Who, no influence from the industries

To reject clearly, once again, “the recent allegations” moves vis-à-vis the Who è dr Keiji Fukuda, special advisor to the Who Director-general for pandemic influenza, in his speech prepared in view of the session of the Council of Europe on the management of the pandemic, published online on the website of the Agency of the United Nations.

Fukuda stressed the existence of measures precisely to ensure transparency and to avoid conflicts of interest with industry. Who, in short, says he is confident “integrityà and the validityà scientific” decisions made during the pandemic.

Retracing the steps of the management of the outbreak of H1N1, Fukuda stresses that the Who has declared the beginning of the pandemic on June 11th, when “all the criteria” were met. In addition, the Emergency Committee of the agency has reported “unanimouslyà” that in June all the criteria required to declare a pandemic were met.

And if you now the greatest danger seems to be past, “the influenza pandemic is stopped”, while they have been reported more than 14 thousand deaths laboratory-confirmed and linked to the virus. 

“Often we see the number of deaths compared to those of the seasonal flu, but, così – warns Fukuda – you are comparing apples with oranges: deaths from seasonal influenza are based on statistical models, those pandemic have been confirmed one by one”.

Finally, Fukuda reject flatly the idea that the one linked to the H1N1 virus was a pandemic, a fake. 

“this One is an event scientifically well-documented, in which the emergence and spread of a new influenza virus has caused an unusual series of problems throughout the world”.

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there is a question of definitions, words, or controversy. “To say that the pandemic is false – says Fukuda – means to ignore the recent history, science, and trivialize the death of over 14 thousand people in the world”.

Page published on January 26, 2010