> Cgil medici, exclusivenessà should be valued

the Word Mussel, national secretary of Fp Cgil medici, that in the area of profession is in no doubt: “should be valued”.  “it’s wrong – underlines in a note Mussel – leave the possibilityà to the doctor the public to carry out the profession both inside and outside the Nhs, saving, however, the compensationà exclusivenessà.

It would be a ‘tana libera tutti’ to the advantage of those who wants to focus its activitiesà professional in private, to the detriment of doctors who want to be able to perform professional intramoenia in a transparent manner, in hospitals and in the territorial services.

A disadvantage to the citizens that are not able to più to have in the public service the places of the visits, even in the intramoenia, with a unique center booking and payment of the fees, with a clear and transparent regulation on tariffs, and monitoring the waiting lists of public-private”.

in Addition to Mussels, to extend the compensationà exclusivenessà also to the medical public that plays the liberal profession, private means “empty the choice for the Nhs the vast majority of doctors (95%), but with an additional cost of approximately € 50 million to be able to ‘give’ more money to the more than 5,500 physicians today in extramoenia.

we therefore Ask the minister, to Parliament and to the Regions, to stop this struck in the Nhs.  It would be concluded, Mussel – a tragic mistake for the sanità the public and a betrayal of the tens of thousands of doctors who believe and want to work only in public service but with a compensationà exclusivenessà re-evaluated, and with the possibilityà guaranteed by the company to carry out a transparent profession intramuraria to safeguard the qualityà of the work and services for citizens”.

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Page published on January 26, 2010