> The honeycomb, as well reform invalidità civil

were accepted and translated into reality; in fact, many of the instances that the Federation of the volunteer Associations in oncology (Favo) had advanced. 

The Honeycomb, which has più times highlighted the serious disparityà territorial access to treatment and welfare (Inps), hopes that now register as “improvements, in particular for the assessment of disabilità of the sick cancer that must take place within 15 days from the submission of the application”. 

in Addition, the Inps, explains the Honeycomb, placeà a central role on the Asl in the system of the invalidità civil, getting così: the optimization of the resources, the abbreviation of the time of the conclusion of the procedure and the parità of treatment throughout the national territory.

“The new online system for the assessment procedure of the invalidità civil – says Elisabetta Iannelli, secretary-general of the Honeycomb that welcomes the renewal desired by the president of Inps – is the right tool to provide social assistance in the time available to the citizens who have the right to, at the same time allowing a net improvement of the qualityà of the service and the full transparency of the administrative process”. 

The new legislation changes the modeà presentation of the questions of the assessment (now online only), rating of health care, the granting of benefits, the appeal judgment. With regard to the questions, the citizen può present them directly or through the Associations of the disabled, or, in February 2010, also volunteer Associations, including the Honeycomb.

Page published on January 19, 2010

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