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And if it benefits the patient and, in perspective, willà to read from the comfort of your Pc the result of an analysis and to have all the clinical history, recipes, and reports including. 

the electronic health record (Esf), già advanced experimentation in almost metà of the Italian Regions, and già in some way, used in 43% of Asl, in 62% of the companies and the hospitals, that is; 3 to 5, in addition to 19% of the clinics in the territory.

To make the point that in Italy the diffusion of this tool, the fulcrum of the sanità electronic, è the Italian Federation of Italian health authorities and hospitals (Fiaso) Fridayì to Florence has brought together experts from italy and europe to assess the prospects of the dissemination and exploitation of the Dossier. 

The data show that the electronic file is not è più one unknown for 71% of family physicians and paediatricians of free choice, 67% of white coats of hospital and specialists and 29% of nurses, while the ‘cover’ between the pharmacists is only 5%.

With the Esf are managed 52% of the specialist services and hospitals, a 33% of those in the pharmaceutical and 24% for those in the emergency room. 

major Results but still not ‘visible’ to citizens, saw that the new weapon-health is still in the experimental phase of the prototype and the access to the data, except for rare exceptions, is at the moment reserved only to the health workforce.

Only about 43% of the Regions, moreover, declare to manage at least part of their content health information within the Esf. And with an emphasis on management requirements, performance reports, letters of resignation, death, emergency, illness, and cronicità. The dossier, forò, è spread in a way very different between the Regions and this time the South is not lagging.

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Page published on January 17th, 2010