> Fazio, the rules on errors are my priorityà

he assured the minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, in the course of the hearing yesterday in the Committee-Sanità of the Senate where he talked about a number of topics related to the modernisation and the reorganisation of the national health Service.

Fazio assured of having at heart the bill on the clinical risk, discussion own to the Senate.  “I met yesterday with the deputy-minister of the Economy to talk about the topic,” he said.

the Object of the meeting, the economic coverage of the bill, “for the purpose of accelerating the process,” said Fazio, explaining that “we need a standard that makes the rest assured the doctors and the citizens” and ensuring that the law in question would cost “my hope is very low”.

The draft law on clinical risk “introduce,” he explained, the insurance for the doctors, that there are già in the different health-related companies.  What è make uniform, più easy, even with the out of court settlement, the litigation with the patients.

And it also helps to create structures in such a way that the doctor you feel peaceful and know that it will beà the accused in case of error. And this andrà to reduce defensive medicine which currently has a very high cost for the Country,” concluded Fazio.

Page published on 09 February 2010

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