> Fp Cgil medici, suspended sanctions certificates online

Consider così the Fp Cgil medici, the clarification of the ministry of Public administration in response to requests concerning the certification of telematics for employees.

In a note, in fact, the ministry led by Renato Brunetta has recognized “the needà of a further explanatory circular which will haveà to define the path of validation, before it can sanction physicians defaulting,” explains Massimo Cozza, national secretary of Fp Cgil medici, and Nicola Preiti, the national coordinator of the Fp-Cgil doctors-general medicine.

The ministry also confirms the existence of the financial resources.

“But we’d like to know – to continue the trade unionists – how many are they, where are they and how will they be allocated. A second goal achieved is the availabilityà to ensure the effective implementation of certification of illness for absences for short, also by the issue of a separate explanatory circular, to avoid demanding the impossible: the response goal of diseases such as headache, under penalty of dismissal and imprisonment”.

 The Fp Cgil medici, they conclude, “it will continueà to ensure the protection of the doctors of the national health service and appreciates the availabilityà of the ministry to adapt the rules for the shared goal of making more effective and efficient public administration, rebuilding a climate of confidence between doctors, citizens and institutions.”

Page published on 09 February 2010

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