> Fazio writes the recipe for a sanità best

From the North to the South of the Peninsula, avoiding any malfunctions regional to lead to cases of malasanità.

minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio, spoke yesterday to the transmission of Rai News 24 ‘The caffè Corradino Mineo’ , summarises the Government’s strategy to ensure care ‘doc’ to all citizens.

The means chosen to achieve this goal, ” explains Fazio, are “instruments of control which they must follow guidelines that must be to correct” any problems, and that must be the più mandatory as più the problems are critical.

The minister, first of all, remember that “our Government has radically transformed the Agenas (national Agency for regional health services) inspection agency”. But “the noveltyà è that, in addition to the checks that già we are conducting about 30-40 objective indicators of appropriateness, we are trying to allow the patients to have their say”.  Between the means of pre-guidelines, then, in addition to the objective indicators of appropriateness Fazio lists three other points.

“first,” he says, “together with Cittadinanzattiva, we are preparing a draft audit of the civic, that is; a system which enables patients, relatives and citizens to express ratings on some of the health problems”. 

a Second instrument of control “to customer satisfaction, that is; to the satisfaction of the user, which in addition to the qualityà also addresses the very important problem of the so-called humanization of care”, so thaté “the sick person doesn’t feel like a number. Finally, the third aspect, “one of the indicators of outcome, that is; the objective indicators of how well the treatments have worked”.

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Page published on 08 February 2010