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it is the wish of the minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio, spoke yesterday to the transmission of Rai News 24 ‘The caffè Corradino Mineo, senator Pd Ignazio Marino, president of the parliamentary Commission of inquiry on the effectiveness and efficiency of the national health Service.

Invited to comment on issues bioethical, on the eve of the first anniversary of the death of Eluana Englaro, the minister places the accent on the problem of the assistance to patients who live in the same conditions of the woman of Lecco dead for the suspension of nutrition and hydration artificial, after 17 years of permanent vegetative state.

“We have the problem of patients in a persistent vegetative state, that are approximately 2,800 of our Country – underlines Fazio – our Government, for the first time, in 2009, funded in the objectives of the plan and in the restricted funds of the national health Fund, the special unità care for these patients, for which the Regions have già made in the 2009 projects for 70 million euros”, he recalls.

“this is the first time this happens – repeat the minister – and I hope,” he says, turning to the senator-surgeon to the Marine, “that this can become the object of a national law for which, with the agreement of the majority and opposition, you might think to put together these  Unità so that families do not have più to take responsibility for the problem” of the service complex in these patients.

“We are in favour of life – keeps up to specify Fazio – but keep life means also to maintain it as a qualityà of life, even to the relatives of the sick. This is a priorityà absolute guarantees.

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Page published on 08 February 2010