> Fazio, the search can; save two hearts on a three

he said the minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, during the presentation in Rome today of the awareness campaign and fundraising ‘For your heart’, commissioned for the second year from the Foundation of the famous cardiologist Attilio Maseri.

the Goal, find the secrets hidden behind the unusual cases of heart disease, to provide patients with innovative approaches and truly ‘tailor-made’.

In the Usa – has reminded the minister – in 1975, there were 1 million of the 330 deaths from cardiovascular, in 2000, this number is decreased to 516 thousand deaths. Therefore, the deaths were reduced to a third, just for the effect of the prevention and research”. 

we’re Not talking about appropriations impressive. “The United States spends 3,76 dollars for the american in cardiovascular research. But the effect of campaigns like this, one feels”.

“The heart of the italians is well enough,” he added, Fazio – also becauseé our sanità è one of the best in the world. But you canò always improve”. Allies of the health of the heart are “a proper lifestyle, healthy eating, activityà physics and, he concluded, “attention to prevention”.

Page published on 04 February 2010

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