> Commission errors, a new hearing on prison

The Commission of inquiry on errors in the health and deficit of the region, has faced the theme of the sanità the prison since last December, audirà Guido Vincenzo Company, medical director of the ministry of Health.

«In the course of the hearing last week, the director of the department of prison administration – explains in a note to the president Leoluca Orlando – have been raised the problem of the special statute Regions, which have not yet transferred the management of health in prisons from the ministry of Justice to the health care system, and health care of the prisoners and of the error in the prison, with particular reference to the issues of suicide, mental health, addiction, of the incidence of illness health care compared to the normal population». 

«With this hearing – precise Orlando – thus continuing the investigation of the Commission on the protection of the right to health of prisoners, a right that we are particularly interested in, view the condition of higher purchase louis vuittonà and the suffering of this part of the population». the

The hearing, avrà place tonight starting at 20 at the Palazzo San Macuto, via del Seminario 76, Rome.

Page published on the 15 February 2010

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