> Music and words in support of the hepatology

The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome and organized by the Italian Foundation research in hepatology (Fire) and the Italian Association for the study of the liver (Aisf), is within the scope of the annual week of scientific on hepatology and sarà led Paola Saluzzi and Andrea Agresti.

«Liver & Friends» will take part of the solisti veneti, directed by Claudio Scimone, who will perform first in some pieces of the repertoire and then in synergy with Lucio Dalla, Roberto Pedicini readà l’« ‘ Ode to the liver» Pablo Neruda, and other artists friends of hepatology, including Alexia. 

tickets are available on Greenticket. The evening – explains in a note Daniel Meadows to the hospital of Lecco, the secretary of the Aisf – è was promoted to celebrate 40 years of the Association and to officially present the Foundation in Fire, created by Aisf in 2009 with the aim of focusing the attention of institutions and citizens on the incidence of liver diseases in Italy. the

In the course of the evening, you will learn the activitiesà that of Fire and the Aisf have planned to achieve in 2010.  these, «the implementation of active prevention of diseases induced by alcohol and virus – precise Antonio Refreshing, of università Cattolica-Policlinico Gemelli, and the president of the Fire – with campaigns aimed at the prevention, early diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of primary cancers of the liver (hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma)».

In our Country there are more than 7 million epatopatici (due to alcohol, the virus C and B hepatitis, damage from environmental toxins and drugs, hepatic steatosis, and obesityà), with a range of patients very cross that also includes adolescents, women and the elderly.

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To complicate matters, the fact that liver diseases are often silent for a long time, and when they manifest themselves clinically, the damage, unfortunately, are già chronic and irreversible. the

Page published on the 15 February 2010