> In prison infectious diseases for 40% of the inmates

The expert è intervened yesterday at the roman prison “Regina Coeli”, a conference organized to talk about the health care reform that has transferred 18 months ago, the competences of the service prison from the ministry of Justice to the Health.

«6-7% of the prison population – supporting Evidence – has thehepatitis B, while the 2-3% l’Hiv.  For the infectious diseases which always happens così: as soon as you lower the guard of their return, to return, and in recent years the guard has been lowered too often».
The problem, confirm Evidence, «è also that of the overcrowding in the prisons, becauseé it is the diseases are easily communicable. the

In the Lazio region, the higher prevalence is of Hiv, così as is the case in Liguria and Lombardia.  In Campania is, historically, widespread hepatitis. With regard to the infectious diseases, however, the situation is challenging and heavy, but not dramatic». the

The expert promotes with some reserve, the reform, initiated 18 months ago. «The transfer of skills and finance, “he says,” is not; was entirely completed in our Country. In some parts, like Emilia Romagna, the transfer è già happened.

Elsewhere, such as in the south, there’s still some of the slowness, but I believe – he concludes – that in a matter of a couple of years, you can depart all in a uniform way».

Page published on February 12, 2010

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