> Biondelli (Pd), ad hoc Fund for the sick Sla

To ask resources for patients struggling with this disease is the senator of the democratic party, Franca Biondelli, last November 10, intervened, in the Hall of the Senate, for a «more and effective attention from the Government for people with Als», which in those days were doing a hunger strike.

«in The case of the young man Andrea Pancallo of Vercelli has decided to sell a kidney to afford the costs of an adequate assistance to the father Domenico, who is grappling with the Sla emphasises the senator – re-opens dramatically the sore Italian Institutions may not più ignore. 
The sick amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, continues Biondelli, «they really need support and funds, perché their families continue to pay really exorbitant figures, it is about 1,500 euros per month, to be able to have a minimum of assistance, yet the State fails to ensure their».

«take Care of those who suffer and provide them with adequate support is a priorityà for a Country that wants to call itself civil. If the Government leaveà still things going on, così – concludes Biondelli – takeà to say that avrà decided to completely ignore the value of human life».

SLA, identified the mechanisms that regulate the course

the Disabled and serious and people with Als the new hunger strike

Page published on February 12, 2010

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