> Fp Cgil, too many demands and few resources

at Least according to the Fp-Cgil, which, in the note complains about «for the renewal of the convention of general medicine, già expired 26 months, from the Sisac come too many demands, few resources, and in part returned to the regional level».

 us: «For the next meeting, convened for 3 march, change». Sisac, in the last match of 19 February, «he said that there was a chanceà to receive all of the increase at the national level, and that 0.8% remained, in substance, a chimera.

A solution is penalizing the doctors from management and the fund observes the union – also in the light of the different production costs that the industry must endure.  Già this – second, Fp Cgil – would have been enough to stop the negotiation. We do not consider it acceptable that the computerization in both the substance downloaded indefinitely on the doctors».

«It is binding on the compensationà informatics, già too low for the current tasks, the sending of the information of the ‘patient summary’, which requires an additional and significant commitment to professional and medical-legal family doctor. Always at the same price requires the sending of a specific prospectus on the chronic patients, and it requires the use of certified mail for all communications», is pressing the union. 

«C’è a real mockery», according to the Fp Cgil, in its proposals from the public. «Not only the missing 0.8 per cent in the più, as expected by management, but the part that you want to defer to the regional agreements (1.2% of 3.2% of the total) becomes more and moreù uncertain. It provides a penalty of 30 % of this share, that doctors will lose, simply if the Regions will not make the agreement within a year».

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Page published on 22 February 2010