> The convention, also signed SNAMI

But for the Snami, as has più times reiterated, it is an adhesion to the agreement, ‘obliged’, chosen to avoid the exclusion from the negotiations of regional and corporate. The union, in fact, continues to be critical on the approved text.

“our – stresses the president of the Snami, Mauro Martini – è thus, a signature that we have defined ‘technique’, to emphasize the difference with a signature of approval. There willà to remain at the tables of negotiation and to keep high the guard at the peripheral level”.

Especially “on the role of the company; and cooperatives that offer services to medical (rent, staff, tools). A node that is only on Mondayì had been put at risk by the closure of the negotiation for the rejection of the Fimmg to accept the new limitations that the Sisac would have liked to introduce in this sector.

Finally, forò, the current agreement has maintained the same directions of the previous Convention: società, and cooperatives may offer services, not health care, only to white coats and not, instead, can deal with the Asl.

“We agree – precise Martini to the ADNKRONOS HEALTH – that the cooperatives may offer services to doctors. But never ever will we allow that to be offered activities; directly to the Asl.

The Snami, and returned to full-fledged with the signing of today (yesterday, ndr) to the table business and regional, avrà the way of checking if all of the Regions and the companies have complied up until now the directions of the Convention”.

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Page published on may 28, 2009