> Fertilization, the new guidelines in the fall

assures the ministry of Welfare, with delegation to the themes of bioethics, Eugenia Roccella, in the course of a press conference at Palazzo Chigi on the theme. So far, the guidelines have not been developed “becauseé we wanted to wait for the judgment of the Constitutional Court”. The judgment that has ‘rejected’ part of the read 40.

The new guidelines “will be substantially different – ensures Roccella – from the previous ones”, issued when the head of the ministry of Health there was the exponent of the Pd Livia Turco. And will be the product of a team game with “the Italian Centers of Pma, and the Regions”, which will give your contribution “to the creation of a Network that ensures a minimum set of requirements”.

With this objective, which goes through “absolute transparency, the indication of good practices and the ‘medal’ to the best Centres”, were established with the ministry of Welfare a study Commission on the problems related to the cryopreservation of embryos, and an observatory on the application of the decree 191 of 2007; or the measure with which Italy has transposed the european directive containing the provisions of the qualityà and safety for the donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, the storage and distribution of tissues and human cells.

“I am Not opposed in principle – has added the deputy minister – to the adoption of embryos abandoned to those couples in which both partners are infertile. “With all of the guarantees of the case, he explained, Roccella to the journalists that the press on the issue – if you can; talk to.”

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On the bills of law deposited to the Rooms with the aim to settle the issue, the undersecretary noted that “the Parliament is free to operate”

Page published on 27 may 2009