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To auspicarlo the minister of Labour, health and social policies, Maurizio Bags, who spoke in Rome yesterday on the sidelines of the presentation of a new research center Chiesi Farmaceutici. “The controls – it reminded Sacconi, back on the death of three workers in the Saras refinery at Sarroch, Sardinia – are made by the health service and by our inspectors.

The single Text on safety at work underlines the needà of a greater collaboration between the authoritiesà regional health and our inspection, which, however, does not have direct competence on safety issues, as well as in situations involving the construction industry,” he said.

“However – he added – I think we have to strengthen the possibilityà that, in the moment in which we enter into with the inspection services of the central to verify the correct classification of employment relationships, it can also be and even moreù entering into the merit of the profiles of security. I, myself, was giving the guidelines for the activitiesà inspection – the minister concluded – I told him to look at the violations of the substantive, first of all in the field of health and safety”.

Page published on 27 may 2009

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