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To launch the alarm is the Association of Italian chiropractors (Aic), on the occasion of the European Chiropractors’ Union Convention 2009, in the course from yesterday until may 23 to Alghero.

“In Italy chiropractors recognised by the European Council of Chiropratic Education are less than 300 – underlines the president of the Aic, John Williams – but there are at least 7 thousand abusive exercise of the profession without having the skills.

becoming a chiropractor takes 5 years of studies. Often the abusive practice in Italy, have followed only the courses of a few hundreds of hours, that are not recognized by any national body and international. Are not then able to make any sort of diagnosis in this specific field”.

“To handle manually a spine – adds Williams – we need to be greatly prepared and, above all, you need to know when treatment is indicated and when it is, otherwise you run serious health risks.

This dangerous anarchy that exists in Italy – adds Williams – is due to the fact that there is still no professional profile with the chiropractors, in spite of article 335 of the 2008 budget has già established the establishment of a register for ‘doctors of chiropractic’, recognizing chiropractic as a health profession the primary.

Over the past 30 years, in Europe, you è witnessed a real boom of manual medicine. Only in Italy the number of chiropractors it is multiplied a thousandfold. For this – concludes Williams – c’è the urgent need for clear regulations, which controls the person who exercises the profession and protects the patients, who are likely to otherwise end up in the hands of people absolutely unprepared”.

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Page published on may 21, 2009