> Damaged by blood transfusions and medications in the square

Yesterday, for many hours, have demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the ministry of Health lungotevere Ripa, Rome, to protest against the delays in the disbursement of compensation owed by the State.

In Italy, only between the emofilici, were approximately 550 contaminated by the virus of Hiv, of which halfà è già one of the deceased, and più 1,500 from hepatitis. the

“it’s A real massacre of the State – say the representatives of the Federation of associations emofilici (FedEmo), which organized the sit-in yesterday morning – suffice it to say that, doing a comparison, it is as if the whole Chamber of deputies had been infected by Hiv and all of the Senate had died because of this infection”.

The family and a representation of patients are grouped in front of the congregation with a hand-some of the sunflowers, in memory of the dead comrades, and signs with which it urges the Government to take measures to compensate these damages.

“The Italian State – remember Beppe Castellano, spokesman for the FedEmo – said one of the first sì in 2003, the granting of allowances of compensation to only 700 patients who had done the cause. They remained outside, therefore, thousands of people are now waiting for the new measure to the examination of the ministries of Welfare and of the Economy, where forò provides for the exclusion from the compensation of those patients who do not è been recognized as the causal link in the terms of the law. In practice it would out of the 70% of the patients.”

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Page published on 03 June 2009