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To be a secular country and is unacceptable to the ordeal which they must undergo the women to get the prescription medication – says Elisabetta Canitano, president of the Association for 10 years &is in the forefront of the defence of the women’s health ‘ for this reason we will present with our stand at many of the initiatives that will take place in Rome this summer.”

the Life of the Woman started in June of last year, a telephone service, ‘SOS morning after pill‘, to rush to the aid of couples who are denied the prescription by doctors objectors.

The service is initially available only on Rome it is then extended to the cityà Milan, Bari, Perugia, Brescia, Florence, Palermo, Pisa, Verbania and Cosenza. It is enough to call the number 333/9856046 to be directed at a physician who provides a free prescription of the contraceptive.

to Have in the house a pack of the emergency contraceptive, protects us from a humiliating pilgrimage ‘explains the Canitano ‘ and so good to have it prescribe in advance. Sarà also a ocasione to explain to the woman, if proof were needed, that the morning-after pill should not be a contraceptive usual. S

u the 1,600 women who have responded to our online survey, 24% said they use no birth control pills, 13% coitus interruptus. Too many at risk of unwanted pregnancies. For this reason, we insist on the work of sensitization to the effect that" to be adopted systems for contraceptives to be safe.”

According to the same survey, only 24% use the condom. “to Live with fullness and maturità its sessualità means to protect itself from sexually transmitted diseases. the condoms, after abstinence, is the half più safe, that is why we offer you“.

the stand of The association will be housed inside of the events organized in the defense of the public school by the Movements and Coordinations School, Università, Search Public which will take place on the 23rd of may in Piazza del Popolo (from 14 to 20) and on the 24th of may at the Villa Pamphili (from 10 to 18).

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Page published on may 21, 2009

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