> Denouncing the illegal immigrants, the risk of TB

think of the dangers related to the spread and failure to control diseases such as tuberculosis, if the immigrants, for fear of being reported, not turning to health care facilities”.

To launch the alarm are the white coats of the inter-union medical, met Friday in Rome to ask the Government to change the design of the safety law that introduces the offence of clandestinità, by entering a precise rule that exempted doctors and all health care providers from the obligation of denunciation of irregular migrants.

“We are very concerned,” says the national secretary of Fp Cgil medici, Mussel – for the consequences of this rule on collective health. You think of the increasing cases of tuberculosis. According to the latest data provided by the Commission for Health of the Municipality of Rome – explains Mussel – in the first three months of this year, in the Capital, there were 145 cases of tuberculosis: the double of the previous year”.

A growing trend that affects not only the cityà of the eternal. From the file ‘Medicine and migration’ made by the magazine ‘Africa and the Mediterranean’, and presented on may 13 in Rome, it is revealed that “from ’99 to 2006 cases of tuberculosis registered among the immigrants in our Country have gone from 22% to 46,2%”.

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Page published on may 24, 2009

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