> Pain, simplification is important for women

“This simply becauseé the pain is a disorder typically feminine, present in 85% of women. 16% of these will suffer extremely severe.” This was underlined by the Observatory of women’s health (Onda), on the occasion of the seventh national Day of the relief that you è held yesterday. the

Francesca Merzagora, the president of the Observatory, hopes that this seventh national day “is really a turning point for women, becauseé the pain, against which Wave has been working for years, it undermines their independence and their qualityà of life very più than for men.

According to our recent survey, chronic pain affects much moreù women (40%) of the men (30%), but the pain of the first is always underestimated”.

to have drugs pain, such as morphine, with a prescription of the general practitioner or the specialist – stresses Merzagora – opens a new season in this field after years of vetoes opposed.

But not everything is resolved. “The points by touch – continues the president of Wave – are many, starting with the funding, not only for medicines but also for the structures intended for the terminally ill. the

let’s Not forget that women are not only the most dedicated of men to the chronic pain, but they are also the figures that, for tradition and the needà, devote themselves to the care of sick family members.

That are parents, husbands or children. Therefore, we urge the minister not to stop here, to rethink in concert with the Government to no cuts on the essential Levels of assistance and bring to the Classroom, the unified text, fired over a month ago by the social Affairs Commission of the Chamber”.

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Meanwhile, the Wave, after two surveys on chronic pain, female, short ne avvierà a third, that approfondirà the theme focusing on cancer pain caused by tumor of the breast metastatic.

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Page published on may 31, 2009