> Avis serves a million donors

According to the calculations of Sergio Casartelli, honorary president of Avis Milan, up to the altitude of 2.5 million volunteers (there are now 1.5 million) is the ambitious goal to which we must aspire.

così you have enough supplies to live well”, observes the expert, on the sidelines of a meeting in the capital of lombardy.

“we Could have peace of mind during the difficult periods such as summer – ensures – and achieve self-sufficiency in the production of blood products, for which today we are forced to buy on the international market, the 40% of the components”.

The Country is always on the razor’s edge, perché “keeps a number of donations useful to cover just the national needs during the course of the year,” says Batchelor. And the first drop of donations, click the emergency blood.

The Avis has già launched the first alert: with the summer coming and the heat that is left over, the Country is responsible for the exhaustion of stocks. “In 2008, we had recorded the first difficultyà around the 20th of June. This year the admonition of the association è arrived before. And it is a bad sign”, she reflects.

The fear of the association is that, “with a self-sufficiency narrow, not you can cope with the decline in the collection of blood due to heat and discomfort related to the change of the season.”

Italy must bolster the ranks of the donors, also becauseé è at the end of the list of the european Countries – remember Casartelli – “In the head we find the Netherlands, Denmark, France and Germany. England is in a good location and, above all, is planning the next 20 years to respond to the demand within the blood.

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We, however, we are not così far-sighted. Più of the 4% of the Italian population should donate blood with regularityà. Today the effort is to reach 2.5%”.

Page published on 09 June 2009