> Only 1 woman on 2 think about the mammogram

And only one woman out of two has performed the mammogram for the purposes of prevention, for the first time after 35 years in 75% of cases.

The rhythm of the execution becomes then regular, but frequency is still low: at least once a year for only 40% of the sample”. the

Are the data made known yesterday in Rome by the Maximum Sumberesi, the research institute at Tomorrow Swg, which surveyed 1,000 women aged 18 to 64 years. Mixed feelings the ones that provokes the cancer in Italian: many (27%) are defined as worry, with 31% interested in the topic, 12% confused.

“The level of information on current therapies, and then – continued Sumberesi – is very modest: you say quite or very informed, only 13 women out of 100. On the costs of medicines have not a precise idea.

The sample considers them to be high, but four in ten women are not able to express any opinion. Despite the fact that thereò, in the hope that six in ten women is that the therapies più innovative are also employed for the patients in terminal phase and without hope of recovery, and for the State to provide for the full reimbursement of their cost”. the

“seemed more worrying,” commented Francesco Cognetti, director of medical Oncology At the Regina Elena Institute of Rome – is the data on the metà of the women with no means of prevention, for early diagnosis of the disease. C’è still much to do in Italy in this aspect: it has to raise the alarm that the screening is now considered standard are così disregarded”. the

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Page published on 08 June 2009