> Surgery, 30% are enrolled in the specializations

the main data emerged from the first Congress of the joint italo-French of endocrine surgery, who has seen yesterday for the first time together at the Catholic university of Rome over 800 specialists of the Italian Federation of the companyà of endocrine surgery (Siec, Uec, Sictc) and the Società French endocrine surgery (Afce), including two of the best schools recognized at the world level in the field of endocrine surgery.

The causes of this phenomenon are also linked to the risk of complaints, according to experts: 8 doctors out of 10, one day, they will receive a claim for compensation, and will be accused of malpractice.

“The reality is that us surgeons we live,” explains Rocco Bellantone, president of the congress and the secretary of the Società italiana di chirurgia (Sic) – is very different from the image that has the audience: are there any issues of a legal and institutional that are always più away guys from this profession”. Among the reasons, probably, also a clear stress related to the profession.

a Few spaces for private life, età very high average for the first big interventions. “We need to find the enthusiasm to young people for the profession by the surgeon – reiterates Bellantone – and to do this we need schools that equip surgeons to be able, immediately after the specialization, to perform any kind of intervention. the

Also – concludes the secretary-Sic – we need a reform of the rules on the responsibilityà of the doctor in civil proceedings”. In this regard, in these days, the Senate is discussing a new draft law.

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the Page was published on June 17, 2009