> Hepatitis delta ‘indicator’ of cirrhosis and cancer of the liver

The replication persistent virus, the highly pathogenic and which requires the presence of hepatitis B virus for transmission and ‘playback’ is the only factor able to predict mortality,à linked to liver disease.

demonstrated in an Italian study published in ‘Gastroenterology’, led by Raffaella Romeo and by the researchers of the Unità operating of Gastroenterology 1 of the Fondazione Policlinico of Milan, coordinated by Colombo.

The research on a sample of 299 patients, with hepatitis Delta, 230 of which were males, enrolled in an età average of 30 years and followed for about 28 years in the outpatient clinic of the university hospital, has shown that the onset of cirrhosis of the liver occurred with an annual incidence rate of 4%, while the incidence rates for liver decompensation and development of hepatocellular carcinoma were respectively 2,7% and 2,8%.

The research, therefore, shows that the hepatitis virus Delta is characterized by a long period of time, and from a discrete probability; evolution to cirrhosis of the liver.

The analysis of the data has shown, moreover, that the persistent replication of the hepatitis Delta was associated with the development of cirrhosis and the appearance of problems in più serious, as failure, tumor development and death. During the study, in addition, researchers have realized that the Delta hepatitis, after a decade of apparent decline, is increased in carriers of hepatitis B.

This is despite the introduction of mandatory vaccination against the virus B with which the virus Delta shares the modeà transmission, that is; for contact with biological fluids. the

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These data, according to the researchers, suggest the needà greater attention to persons with hepatitis B, which can be affected by the virus Delta.

In particular, it would be appropriate to suggest, verify the coexistence of hepatitis Delta in the case of each new infection by virus B or in the case of old infections B show an outbreak, and to implement, in the case of drug therapy, and appropriate.

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Page published on June 17, 2009