> Leukemia in children, if the father smokes it raises the risk

The research retrospective è was carried out on a sample of 388 children with, against 868 families with healthy children of the same età.

The results, published in the famous Journal of Epidemiology, showed that the smoke at the moment of conception, especially the one from the father, has been responsible for the increased risk in developing childhood leukemia in children.

The risk increases with the number of cigarettes and a man smokes more than 20 cigarettes per day, expose his son to the 44% of the risk in the più of getting leukemia.

do Not stop the evidence of the damage caused by smoking, and while there is a lot of advertisingà for the preservation of cells of the umbilical cord, in case the child was leukemia, strong economic interests, prevent the countryside to the carpet to abolish the smoke in the houses in which they live, the children and the parents of the children, and, at this point, even of the fathers during conception.

Remember that the children who live at home with smokers have più respiratory diseases of others, and also the children who live in the country lose all the beneficial effect of the pure air, if they have parents who smoke.

The microenvironment in the home becomes toxic and how to live in the metropolis. In short, we can come up with a reason, such as urging the australian scientists. Those who want to of the children, più that analysis, the più that search for the best Hospitals, the più that update on the internet will be a better to stop smoking, and ask friends and relatives not to smoke in the house.

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With good peace of the lobby of tobacco

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