> Pediatricians: Italy without grandchildren, it halves the natalità

To tell you the situation è Società Italiana di Pediatria in White Paper on Health of Children.

According to the report, the Italian grandparents are at risk of being without grandchildren, in fact, the natalità from 1871 to 2009 is practically halved, and currently come to 9.5 children per 1000 inhabitants.

To give the measure of concern, for example, in France the ratio is 12.8, in Spain is 10.8, in the England of 12.8 and in Sweden 12. We always talk about births for every 1000 inhabitants.

Then there is the disomogeneità care services for which, as explained by Walter Ricciardi, director of the Institute of Hygiene of the Facultyà of Medicine and Surgery, Università Cattolica in Rome, “the opportunityà to health are not the same for all Italian children.”

In other words, the child of the South, is like that of the North.

Also with regards to the existence of a hospital pediatric, Ricciardi explains that the important thing is to avoid “the hospitalizations unnecessary” through a “programming of the welfare activities and the creation of a filter that starts from the pediatrician, to direct your baby towards the care path that più responds to their needs”.

Even if for the moment the Italian children have at their disposal a dense network of pediatricians territorial the risk è già starting from 2015, the specialists will decrease in important way to the failure to turn-over. Many will in fact retire while the graduate schools are still closed.

C’è then, note that the mystery of Health has recently called into question the role of pediatricians. In the proposed Reorganisation of Primary Care, presented at the conference State-Regions in view of the Pact for Health, the minister Balduzzi, provides that from the age of seven years children are followed by physicians.

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