> Ultrasound will be the contraceptive male?

In the 70’s this treatment was tested on men, that they reported only a sensation of gentle heat, and no side-effect in an attempt to find a cure for the cancer of the prostate.

Now a study by the University of North Carolina, published in the journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology’, has resumed these experiments and demonstrated that mice in which the testes are exposed to high-frequency sound waves have a temporary reduction in the sperm count.

This reopens the possibilityà use contraception, with the difference between men and mice, that the mice remain fertile with a sperm count very low, while men need to have a greater number of sperm to fertilize.

This is what refers to Dr. James Tsuruta, who led the study. “The only difference with humans – said James Tsuruta, a scientist who coordinated the study – is that the mice remain fertile with a sperm count very low. Our non-invasive treatment, ultrasound reduces the reserves of sperm in the mice far below the levels at which men are normally fertile”.

The most successful c’è been in two sessions lasted 15 minutes in which testes of mice were ‘heated’ at 37 degrees celsius.

If you could figure out as much as you can; repeat with no damage, and quant is the dose to cause a secure sterilità temporary would be economic, and, perhaps, harmless.

not for The moment, is that theory, forò, unfortunately.

Lisa Canitano

Page updated on January 31, 2012

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