> The mother’s helper improves the ability; mental and cognitive abilities of the child

in Fact, one study found that when the mothers of the children in età pre-school children are particularly attentive, and thehippocampus of their children is of greater dimensions. And the hippocampus, and that area of the brain important for learning, memory and stress response.

the details of The study have been published in the online journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This is, as explained by the author of the study Joan Luby, the first work should be to investigate the links between maternal care and the development of an area così important in the brain.

The research, carried out at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, according to the author “provides a test very reliable, the importance of developing in advance the development of the brain and may have enormous implications for public health.”

The study involved of the children who had from three to six years and their mothers. Researchers have recreated a very similar situation to the reality in which stress factors were reproduced in such a way that the mothers had difficultyà to meet the needs of their children.

To do this, the scientists have left mothers and children in a room with the gift packaging is very attractive, that could be forò to be discarded by the child only when the mother had completed a series of tests.

In this way, the researchers observed the behaviors maternal classifying under the category of “caring,” all those attitudes, which offered children the support and reassurance.

The cases in which mothers have ignored the instances of the child were assessed in a different way.

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a Few years later, when the children had reached the age of seven to ten years, 92 of the children who participated in the test were subjected to magnetic resonance imaging of the brain.

The outcome revealed that in those children, whose mothers had had the behavior classified as “nursing”, thehippocampus was più great 10% when compared with the boys who were in the other categories.

The results of the research therefore provide, according to Luby, “concrete evidence about the fact that a key region of the brain, è più healthy and well-developed in children who receive a più full of care”.